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Machine tools

Geminis GT7i lathe for machining.

GEMINI GT7i G4 2000 X 12000

  • Turning diameter 2000mm/1700mm

  • Max piece length 12.5m

  • Siemens 840 D Solution Line CNC control

  • Cylindrical grinding equipment

  • Belt grinding equipment

  • Milling/drilling equipment.

  • C-axis accuracy 0.005 degrees.

  • Max mass of the piece 40t, between the tips 25t

Metal lathe for machining.

Geminis-GE-1400-5-3G roller lathe

  • 2x25 tons

  • a total of 50 tons with two hooks.

Naxos Union cylindar grinder

Naxos Union wall sander

  • max. rotation diameter 1800mm

  • max. piece length 10m

  • measuring device (diameter difference, roundness and throw)

  • max. unit mass 50 tons

Borgo Torino Balancing Machine.

Balancing machines

  • Borgo-Torino ED 500 TS

  • rotation speed 350-700-1400 r/ min

  • piece mass 5-500kg


  • TP-IKP

  • rotation speeds 200-2500 r/min

  • piece masses 50-12500kg

Geminis cnc4 plus lathe for machining.

Geminis CNC4 plus lathe

  • rotation diameter 720mm/470mm

  • max length of piece 2000mm

Vertical machining centers machine.

DAH-LIH MCV-2100 machining center

  • Fanuc 0M CNC control

  • X2100 Y850 Z760

  • Table 630x430

  • Tk warehouse 13 places

  • Karate power 18.5 kW

WMW Heckert milling machine

WMW Heckert CNC router

  • X4500 Y1000 Z1250

  • Sinumerik 850M CNC control

  • 6-axis 60  Tk changer

Industrial overhead crane manufactured by Satateräs.

Cranes 2 pcs 50 tons

  • 2x25 tons

  • a total of 50 tons with two hooks.

A device for measuring hardness of an object


  • Portable and automatic measuring device for measuring the hardness of materials

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Electric motor

ON-SITE Machining at the customer's premises

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