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Old black and white photo from the early days of Machine shop.

Imatran Koneistuspalvelu Oy is a machine shop founded in 1983 by Orvo Vaittiniemi.

IKPOY initially focused on the manufacture and maintenance of rollers for paper, cardboard and pulp mills. Turning, balancing, grinding and bearing were done in the workshop.


general manager Anssi Matkonen with new lathe at the factory


In 2012, Anssi Matkonen bought Imatra Koneistuspalvelu Oy.

After the change of ownership, IKPOY expanded its activities and services, in addition to the aforementioned, to turning, grinding and milling of small and large pieces.

With this, new industries have become more customers.

Geminis lathe for machining.


In 2021, IKPOY will modernize its production by investing in GEMINIS GT71 G4 2000 x 12000 cnc lathes, as well as Satateräksen's 50 ton overhead crane.

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